Artist in Residence at the Rooms

Artist in Residence at the Rooms

Where has the time gone? I’m working at the Rooms these days, being artist-in-residence. Working around bad weather and a bad shoulder, but working, nevertheless. These pieces will be exhibited in the 4th floor gallery with a view of the Harbour in April.

The wonderful thing about working there is having the fabulous tech staff to help with, well, technical stuff, like building stretchers and armature. I’m working on a large painting, 8′ x 13′, that will hang on the wall beside the big window, several smaller paintings and a 3-D piece.
From my little plaster carving, the shape was scaled up and the armature base cut from a sheet of plywood. It’s seen below with the somewhat photographically skewed sketch of what will be the 8′ x 13′ painting of the narrows.

The painting is no longer all white, and the armature is covered with 2 layers of paper.
Here’s the current state of one of the 4′ x 6′ pieces. More to come!


  1. Tara,

    Looks great! The work is really coming along! We in DC would be happy to give you some of our snow, though I haven’t seen any icebergs on the Potomac yet. And the Narrows are certainly more beautiful than our river.

    Can’t wait to see more stages of progress!


  2. It is so big. I don’t know how you’re managing with your bad shoulder. I get faint when I think about working this large.


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