Jumping in…

Jumping in…

I set up this account in July, thinking summer would be the perfect time to ease myself into the world of blogging. I didn’t anticipate the anxiety making the first post would create. I am seldom daunted by the presence of a blank canvas, but this blank rectangle on the computer screen had me stymied.
I have procrastinated very well for these past four months, and, now that November is here, I realize that if I don’t just post SOMETHING I will NEVER start. So here I am!

I have been painting icebergs this year. They come from far away and no one is driving them. They are huge clumps of ice whose final transformation we sometimes get to see from shore, after they have travelled thousands of miles. Sometimes they appear in herds and float south along the shore like a parade of animals; sometimes I strain my eyes toward a tiny reflective speck on the distant horizon only to realize that it’s just a transport ship.
Like the fog in Newfoundland, icebergs are an unpredictable and mysterious presence. Here are some of my efforts to date. I feel a bit adrift, as if I were sending a message in a bottle out into the ether. Anyone out there?


  1. Hi Tara,
    See. It works. We are out there. There’s a whole community of connected artists. Welcome. I’m so excited to find a blog whose owner lives “just down the road”. Your icebergs always remind me of spring around the bay and that anticipation that summer isn’t far behind. I will hold that thought as half Newfoundland is wrestling with snow.

    I am most attracted to the second shot where the point of view is above. I’m curious where your inspiration came from. Is it an actual place. Love the blue greens which to me is always an iceberg colour.

  2. Cool. Congratulations on jumping in …
    For those of us who have never seen an iceberg live and in person, I like the thought that no one is driving them – the space for metaphors looks expansive – wandering on the surface and then slowly becoming one with the whole sea of possibilities



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