Having spent much of the last month moving out of the space I had occupied since 1994, I am slowly organizing so the house doesn’t remain a holding area forever! With the help of a crane, a U-Haul truck, and two determined gentlemen, everything was moved. February is not the best time of year to be moving presses on salt-covered roads, but everything arrived in one piece. The last time the C&P was moved, we (meaning 2 friends and the 2 owners of the printshop who sold it- I watched and prayed) got it into and out of the truck from street level with a come along. I thought I would have heart failure watching that top-heavy thing sway as it was ratcheted up the ramp. The crane operator was fabulous, and the process of hooking up the presses and moving them was slow and graceful.

Two flat files and the Kensol are in the living room, there are boxes everywhere, and I have about 4 square feet of wall space for painting, but I can reorganize a bit at a time.

There is progress on the book front, but I will save that for another post!

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