on the table this week…

on the table this week…

My studio has been filled with paper- Duncan printing my annual calendar page and the two of us madly assembling copies of Notes (toward a poem about play) by Don Austin, published by Running the Goat. The launch was last night, so today I can move on to painting. I’ll be trying to finish a few more icebergs before I leave to visit my dad for the holidays.

The text is a prose poem about play, so I designed it to be read as a codex that unfolds into a game board. It has been four and a half years in the making, due to technical difficulties you don’t want to know about. The text was set and letterpress printed at Running the Goat, the game board was screen printed at Living Planet in St. John’s.
The boards are hinged in pairs, then the text pages are glued on. Then those boards are hinged in pairs, and the first sections of the game board are glued on. Last, the two four-board sections are hinged, and the last game board section glued on. Now that we have completed 20+ (the edition is 90), we have a system, and there’s a little less paranoia about gluing something backwards or upside down. I still won’t push it- better to stop when the focus wanes and not screw anything up!
If you want to know more about this project, see http://www.runningthegoat.com/notes.html

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  1. Tara,
    I saw this book at the Christmas Craft Show and it was pretty impressive. I loved the game board in particular which I heard was your idea. I wanted to lay it out and start a game. Good job.


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