Painting peppers

Painting peppers

I have been painting fruit, especially pears and sometimes apples for a long, long time, and tend to return to them when I am stuck. This has been a year of clay feet for me, but I think I’m finally getting back into the groove. Lots of ideas, an embarrassing number of partially finished projects, but little completed work. Painting some new pieces for a group show at the Botanical Gardens has helped.

Since I haven’t posted ANYTHING in a while, and I generally take photos of paintings in several stages, I thought a series of images of the sweet peppers I finished painting yesterday would make a nice post. They were on a white plate sitting on a red chair (one of my favorite backdrops).

The canvas is 12″ x 12″ and as you can see, I wipe my brushes off on the wall. I don’t sketch, but just start painting from the objects. I take photos of the still-life for reference, because the produce often shrivels (or worse) before the painting is completed. This painting was finished from the photos…

And now on to the studio!

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  1. Love this progression! They look juicy! 🙂


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