Side Trip

Side Trip

The icebergs call. I look at the map every day and see them clustered along the north coast, and consider taking a day trip to look for photo opportunities.

It’s sunny and I can’t paint in the morning with full sun blasting the wall of the studio, but the brushes and palette are clean, and I need to mix many blues, pale turquoise to deep blue violet, for the water in the 2 paintings up for completion.

I have gone out a couple of times, and here is video from a side trip to Signal Hill and Cape Spear.

You can see the people on the hill below to get a sense of scale. I had to be in town for an appointment, and decided to take a short drive to satisfy my curiosity, but mostly I am staying in the studio, looking at the photos posted on line, and hoping there will still be icebergs around when my work is done!

A short video   From Signal Hill


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