Back to working on the illustrations for Amelia and Reginald. Here is Reginald, despondent and  refusing to eat.
Where there is space at the ends of chapters, I am adding small illustrations to fill in. These are two sketches for Amelia’s wet clothes that she takes off in a room at an inn, after surviving a shipwreck.
Neither of these is quite right, but none of the illustrations will be complex, detailed images. They are meant to suggest or be an echo rather than show minutiae…
The luggage is for the chapter following, when the servants arrive with A&R’s luggage, and a new wig for Reginald.
I haven’t worked on the illustrations for a week, and now see several things I want to change. It’s always good to back off for a bit and come back to a project with fresh eyes.

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  1. Tara, I love them!
    Looking forward to seeing it all together, and reading the book…


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