Taking a Breather

This is the last painting, Not a Breath, delivered yesterday! Finally, all the work has been delivered and the show is hung for tomorrow’s opening. You can see the pieces here:    Christina Parker Gallery – Tara Bryan, Littoral Light

Now all the chores that have been piling up while I finished paintings now cry out for attention. The eternal game of catch-up!

Today, to weed part of the garden and get the last few plants in the ground. I am trying to be methodical and work section by section so I can see my progress. I’m starting with the front bed, thinking I might be able to get it done this morning since it’s not too big.

In the meantime, the white irises and lupins are gorgeous. See for yourself!





  1. Beautiful work, Tara! Congratulations and much luck with the show.

    • Gorgeous painting. Rock, water, color, space.


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