The next layer

The next layer

The light in the studio wan’t great when I snapped this, but I think this painting will be finished today. My palette is covered with mixed blues, violets and greens so I will be ready to start this morning.

I may have to take a break and go iceberg hunting- I saw a huge one as I was driving into St. John’s last night, and went to Signal Hill around 10 p.m. to look at the moon and see what bergs were there. I could see 4 that all looked pretty large- one silhouetted by Cape Spear is probably the one that had an arch last week.

Here is a photo I took near Old Perlican a week or so ago.

Old PerlicanBerg

It’s hard to stay in the studio painting and finish work knowing there are icebergs everywhere!


  1. Beautiful art, Tara. Teresa sent us the link to your work – Lovely.


    • Thank you, John! It’s good to know people are enjoying my work.

  2. Love it!! Great work, Tara. Can’t wait to get back to see you in Newfoundland.


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