Beautiful Resilience: Tribute to Tara Bryan

Christina Parker Gallery, St John’s

November 13 – December 4, 2021




VANL-CARFAC  honors Tara Bryan with the 2021 Endurance Award



Most Recent Books

Façades for Mark Rothko

Text by Crispin Elsted, Designed by Tara Bryan



The pages for Making Bread (not bombs) were cut and scored on an Epilog laser cutter. The files were created in Corel Draw, then sent to the laser cutter to “print.” The book is inkjet printed on 2 sides, and the registration is very tight. I tried cutting and scoring by hand, but could not be consistent enough to keep the 5 sections square once they were folded and glued. The video shows the laser cutting and scoring the second of 3 sheets, which are then trimmed by hand on the top and bottom, and folded, collated and glued.