Down the Rabbit Hole

[an extract from Alice in Wonderland] by Lewis Carroll, Design by Tara Bryan (2005) 

12 leaves. 146 x 146.

Text set in 8, 10 and 12 pt Century Schoolbook. 40 copies printed on .06 Mill Board with the assistance of Duncan Major, who also helped with the binding. The colophon printed on Thai Bamboo paper. Tunnel book, with the leaves (boards) die-cut with a square hole in the centre, positioned at different angles and diminishing in size; the sides printed with a linocut in yellow, brown, red, and dark purple on Japanese hand-made Kiritsubo paper, cover flaps of Thai Bamboo paper; grey-green cords tied in a bow as a fastener, bent branch handle fastened (whipped) to loops of yellow linen thread attached to the top board, yellow paper labels tied to the handle and cord with the directions ‘lift me’ and ‘pull me’ respectively.