2022 – “Down the Rabbit Hole: The Artists’ Books of walking bird press” by Duncan Major, published in the Devil’s Artisan, #90, Spring/Summer 2022.


2021 – VANL-CARFAC  honors Tara Bryan with 2021 Endurance Award.


2020 – “Printing what we want, when we feel like it!”  by Michelle Hogan-Walker and Chester Gryski, published in Amphora 186, Fall 2020 by the Alcuin Society.


2020 – Tara Bryan RCA (1953-2020) by Marnie Parsons, published in billie Magazine, November 13, 2020.


2018 – Alcuin Society honors Tara Bryan with Award for Book Design for Façades for Mark Rothko.


2008 – “Exploring Uncharted Territory, Book Works by Tara Bryan” by Deborah Kogan, published in Ampersand, Fall 2008.


Library and Archives Canada – walking bird press


Media Release – Convention Center Facade Artwork Selected