About Tara (1953-2020)

Tara was a painter and book artist, living and working on the edge of the North Atlantic in Newfoundland. She was a lifetime member of VANL/CARFAC, which selected her for its Long Haul Award in 2010. Tara was a finalist for the NLAC Arts Achievement Award in 2011, and was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts for Book Design in 2012.  In 2018, she received an Alcuin Society Award for Book Design for Façades for Mark Rothko, text by Crispin Elsped.

“Aftermath (cracking up)” from her 2010 exhibition On Ice at The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery was selected to be made into a large-scale mural installed on the façade of the Convention Centre in downtown St. John’s.  In 2021, Tara was posthumously awarded the Endurance Award by VANL/CARFAC.  


email:  george.jenner@gmail.com or  teresa.tidwell@gmail.com

website: www.tarabryan.com

blog: www.tarabryan.com/blog

Christina Parker Gallery: Tara at Christina Parker Gallery