While I am slowly assembling the edition of Making Books (not bombs), I have turned to completing a project that has languished in the studio for MUCH too long.

My friend Rudolph Ellenbogen’s pseudo-eighteenth-century love story, The True History of Amelia and Reginald, has been off and on the back burner since 2005 (ouch!) when my brain shorted out while trying to grasp the style of the time (think Hogarth) and simulate it in my drawings. Over the past 8 years, I have taken it out, reread the story, looked at background material, and done sketches, only to tear my hair, rend my clothing, and vow to hie myself to a monastery to avoid confronting the sad realization that I am doomed to failure for false pride.

I do love the story, and I do love my friend Rudolph and his lovely wife Alane, and having survived the struggle of creating Making Bread (not bombs), I feel up to taking a more equanimous view. I promised that the book would be finished in October, and to that end, I am keeping the drawings out in the dining room, where I can spread everything out on the table. I have sorted the illustrations and reference material into folders. To help keep myself focussed, I am going to add progress reports to my much-neglected blog. Below are the silhouettes for the frontispiece.

I will scan and post more soon…


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